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"Mark, thanks for those great clarinet lessons over the years working towards passing my RCM Grade 8 when I was 75. Now, we're Snowbirds in Florida and at 84, I'm loving playing in the North Miami Pops. I'm especially benefiting now from your breathing instructions. I miss those lessons."  Larry Paikin


"Mark Thompson is truly an excellent teacher. I started studying with him to prepare for the University of Toronto Faculty of Music entrance theory exam, which I needed to pass in order to be accepted into the program. I had a very basic knowledge of music theory at that time, and a very tall order to fill: I had to learn approximately 11 months worth of basic harmony in 4 months in order to meet my goals. Luckily, despite his busy schedule, Mark was able to see me for multiple lessons per week so I could learn as much as possible in the short amount of time. He explained all of the concepts to me in a clear and engaging manner that I was able to understand. I continued studying theory with Mark for my Advanced Rudiments and Basic Harmony exams for the Royal Conservatory of Music, and obtained very high marks. Mark's amazing teaching allowed me to pass the U of T entrance theory exam and caught me up to speed for the level of music theory required for study at the University. Without his help, I would not have been accepted into the music school I desired. Thank you Mark!"                              Madeleine Kay

"I have come a long way in six years at the saxophone. Mark Thompson led me through all the technical aspects of mastering the alto and then moved on to the next level of developing my creativity. His efforts were reflected in my music, achieving the position of lead alto saxophonist for the Hamilton Junior Star Jazz Band. I placed second for the RCM Level 5 exam across Canada and I was able to make a showing at Roy Thomson Hall, representing my school for the CISMF Symphonic Band. Mark Thompson set a high standard for me to achieve and showed me how to reach it every step of the way. The results are clear in the music I produce."       Justin Semelhago

My son started saxophone lessons with Mark when he was in grade 7. He already played piano at that point, but he wanted to learn how to play the saxophone so that he could join high school band when he entered grade 9.  From the very beginning, when my son was struggling to learn his first few notes, Mark has been a wonderful teacher and mentor, guiding him with patience and encouragement. In grade 9, my son was thrilled to be fully immersed in his high school music community, playing in Concert Band and Jazz Band as an alto-saxophonist. He has been praised by his high school music teacher for his playing and his sound, which are clearly the results of Mark’s teaching. In his grade 10 year he helped my son to successfully audition for the Hamilton All Star Jazz Band. Most importantly, Mark continues to inspire a love of music in my son, who often comes home from his sax lessons eager to play more!"                                  Luming Feng

"Mark helped me prepare for the conservatory theory exams – Harmony 9 and History 9. He made theory understandable and fun. He is a very effective teacher and enabled my success in music! "      Amelia McNiven

"Mark gave me the best chance to succeed at the flute by giving amazing pointers that I never would've noticed. A truly caring teacher and I've already moved 2 levels within a year with his help. Without his help I would've never got through the levels so fast. I have achieved first class honours with distinction on both of my flute exams."       Conrad He

"A patient teacher, not seen in many teachers. He gives out good pointers to my son and is very encouraging, suitable for a child's needs. Not only is he patient and encouraging, he is also very funny! My son enjoys learning  flute with him and is eager every single time to go. Would recommend him!"   Ling He

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